Beam is a global leader in micromobility, operating e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds in more than 60 cities across Asia Pacific.

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Our commitment to cities

As urban populations grow, the opportunities for governments to reshape transportation ecosystems for their cities have never been more exciting.

At Beam we are fully committed to working in partnership with governments at all levels to help make city life flow better for everyone.

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Our mission is simple;

to turn little drives
into better rides and
make cities flow better.

Micromobility can change the way we move within Korean cities, offering a simple yet effective way to connect with commercial, tourist, education, and recreational areas.

Safety comes first

To us, safety is more than ensuring a rider has a functioning vehicle that meets safety requirements of the Government.

Using a combination of hardware, software, and real world education, we offer all Beam users a chance to one of the safest micromobility vehicles in the world - a guarantee that private vehicles can’t promise you.

Designated Parking

Beam has designated parking spots all around our operating cities in Korea. Cultivating a healthy parking culture helps to maintain a pleasant environment on the streets for riders and pedestrians by keeping streets neat and tidy, and allowing riders to easily find and pick up a vehicle from these spots. A penalty fee is charged when a user parks within no parking zones stated in the map.

Tourism Vitality

Many research studies have found that visitors who use e-scooters see more local attractions and spend more money, making them an attractive value add for cities.

With Beam e-scooters, riders can move greater distances, interact with the cities more freely, and participate in more of the wonderful experiences your region has to offer.

Carbon Footprint

In the Asia Pacific, Beam is the only e-mobility operator to be Climate Neutral Certified. All trips on Beams are not only 100% electric-powered, but have been approved to have end-to-end carbon neutral status.

Boost Local Business

Our #BeamBooster platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications, and partner incentives to stimulate economic activity in your local community. Better still, it’s free for business to sign up.

Want Beam in your city?

Are you a local government authority or city official interested in finding out more about how a shared micromobility operation could work in your city?

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