beam green programme

We’re going further
for the climate, and
we’re pledging to be
carbon negative by 2025.

climate neutral

Certified Climate Neutral
since 2019

Here at Beam, our mission is simple:
to turn little drives into better rides, and make cities flow better for everyone.

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In 2021, we offset 18,103
tonnes of CO2 emissions

We used operational data to estimate our carbon footprint for the year.

18,103 tonnes

of total CO2 emissions

GHG Scope 1


Emissions from energy used in buildings, fleets, and equipment.

GHG Scope 2


Emissions from electricity.

GHG Scope 3


Emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, shipping, air travel, and other activities in the supply chain.



In 2022, we’ve gone further with a Reduction Action Plan to reduce emissions from within our operations and supply chain.

beam rider

How we are reducing emissions this year:

Energy From Fossil Fuel Source

We will continue our efforts to convert to certified energy sources for all of our power needs - from warehouses and offices, to charging our e-bikes and e-scooters.

Emissions from use of fossil fulled transit vehicles

We will continue our move to transition to using only transit vehicles that are charged with electricity from renewable-certified sources.



But we’re going even further for the climate! We pledge to be Carbon Negative by 2025.

What does this mean?

There is no agreed-upon definition for what it means to be 'Carbon Negative', but we’re working on it. Here at Beam, it means we aim to give more to the planet than we’re taking away, and actively work on reducing the size of the carbon footprint we offset, and measuring it all as we go along.

carbon negative

Global standards

We will invest in identifying a global standard for measuring the positive carbon impact of modal transfer.

Measure & report

We will measure and report on the carbon impact of modal shifts from cars and other carbon-emitting transport to e-scooters and e-bikes.

New technology

We will invest in new technology to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in day-to-day operations.

Renewable energy

We will only use 100% certified renewable energy sources in our operations, where such sources exist in the cities we operate.

Spread and inspire

We will release a roadmap on how our fellow mobility companies can come along on the Carbon Negative journey.

We are committed to learning more about how we can become Carbon Negative, and partnering with like-minded organisations and individuals in our journey. Because we believe in sustainability being a journey, not a destination.

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How can you help?

Make the switch to sustainable travel and join us in this journey!

Public transport

There is increased transport connectivity in cities and micromobility assists with first and last mile travel to and from train stations and buses. It’s never been easier to get from A to B without using a car.


Walking reduces stress, relieves anxiety and is a great form of exercise. It is also (almost) carbon-free!

Eco-friendly transportation

Cycling and scooting to work are great ways to get some exercise, enjoy the city and get to where you’re going!

Utilise or advocate for facilities at work

Make the best use of or ask for a workplace that has ‘end of trip facilities’ such as showers, lockers or bicycle parking that can make active transport an easy alternative to driving.

Our sustainability partners

climate neutral
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climate neutral
micromobility research department
university melbourne
sustainable goals
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