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Riding new customers to your doorstep, for free.

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#BeamBooster is a world-first program that helps local businesses connect with Beam customers to increase footfall, exposure and revenue.

Join hundreds of stores nationwide and increase foot traffic to your business, for free.

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Access new customers - our riders

We create a virtual parking spot near your store to allow riders to park Beam e-scooters and/or e-bikes, providing greater footfall, exposure and revenue for your business.

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Free promotional opportunity

Receive an in-app advertisement, allowing you to tempt riders into your store with a special product offer.

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Regular usage and conversion reports

We provide data analytics and regular reporting for full transparency to demonstrate the outcomes for your business.

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No cost or financial outlay to participate

#BeamBooster is a free initiative that aims to support local communities across Australia and New Zealand.

Some of our #BeamBooster partners

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bestugly bagels
burger burger

A word from our partners

How it works

Business owners or managers provide information about their store(s), including its location.

Once received, our #BeamBooster team will review your business and business location, and determine if a parking spot can be created outside your business.

When a rider finishes a trip at your designated parking spot, they will be shown a promotion of your business, encouraging them to visit and spend. It’s that simple.

Sign up your business in less than 5 minutes

Step 1

Tell us about yourself

30 sec

Step 2

Tell us about your store

30 sec

Step 3

Tell us where your store is

30 sec

Step 4

Upload a logo and photo

1 min

Step 5

Confirm your details

1 min

Step 6

Confirm your details

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Let’s help get our cities
flowing again

Available in all cities where Beam operates in Australia and New Zealand.