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Beam Mobility provides businesses and property owners with access to a premium e-scooter service with no financial commitment, incremental revenue, low risk and a quick establishment.

How it Works

Your business provides a small, publicly-accessible area for an e-scooter parking hub, and Beam handles everything else, including:

Vehicle Maintenance

Our team oversees all maintenance and repairs and promptly collects damaged vehicles using our proprietary remote monitoring system.

Battery Charging

Our dedicated ground teams monitor vehicle battery levels 24/7, replacing them when needed.

Bookings and Payments

Our vehicles are hired using our free mobile app, leaving your front-of-house staff to do what they do best.

Theft Protection

We manage and take responsibility for vehicles that go missing from your property or in the surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Insurance

Personal and third party insurance is included with every trip at no cost. T&Cs apply.

Vehicle Rebalancing

We monitor vehicle movement remotely. If an e-mobility hub is over or under-supplied, we dispatch our teams to take corrective action.

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A free value-add service for your guests, visitors and staff

Thousands of new customers, delivered directly to your doorstep, free

A passive income stream via quarterly commission payouts and free ride credits for your staff

Free exposure in the Beam app, visible to millions of riders in Australia and New Zealand

No upfront or ongoing financial commitment

Brand alignment with a 100% Climate Neutral Certified mode of transport

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Hop on, hop off ride share model that is easy, safe and hassle-free

Over 20 parking hubs to choose from

Choose from an affordable per-minute rate or subscription

Vehicles available 24/7 in most markets

Free personal accident and third party insurance included with every trip (T&Cs apply)

Unlimited access to our 24/7 customer care team

Numbers at a glance

Beam Rider Survey, Cairns, 2023

of riders said having access to a Beam E-Mobility Hub at their hotel would influence their decision to stay there in the future.

of riders identifying as visitors to the city said having access to Beam scooters enhanced their experience of the city.

of riders said having access to e-scooters increased their interest in traveling to destinations they ordinarily would not have visited.

Beam’s Partner Model - At a Glance

We create a city-wide e-mobility network in partnership with private landowners. GPS-enforced parking hubs provide the public with access to hire vehicles, which riders rent using the Beam mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how Beam works with businesses and property owners.

Whilst this material is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact upon the accuracy of the material. A partnering agreement will reflect the final terms and conditions of any engagement with Beam.
How does this model work?

Beam’s virtual docked operating model is based on the creation of several parking hubs located on private and/or public land within a defined geographical area. Together, these hubs provide the public with access to e-scooters for hire. Riders rent vehicles on a per-minute basis using the free Beam mobile app. Our GPS technology ensures that riders can only pick up and drop off vehicles at these hubs.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing allows us to set virtual boundaries on a map to limit the operation of e-scooters to specific areas. For example, we can create no riding zones, slow speed zones and control where people can and can’t park.

Who runs the operation?

Beam employs a local team that works around the clock to manage the service. All we require is parking space for vehicles, and we handle the rest.

How many vehicles are at a parking hub?

The maximum number of vehicles at each parking hub is determined by both the business and Beam. A minimum of 4 square metres is required, which allows for a maximum of 12 parked vehicles.

Can the parking hub be moved?

Yes. If it is determined that there is a more suitable location for the parking hub, we can move the signage and adjust the parking spot in our app.

How do you monitor the number of vehicles at a partner's property?

We monitor the location of vehicles using GPS and mobile data technology, and set up automatic alerts when vehicles are in locations where they shouldn’t be. If the number of vehicles at a parking hub exceeds the agreed cap, our team receives an automatic alert and quickly removes them.

Will there be scooters left all over my property?

No. Users must finish a trip and park their vehicle within the parking hub zone. If they leave a vehicle outside this zone they will not be able to complete their ride, and will continue to be charged until they park correctly.

Will people be riding around my property on scooters?

Beam offers partners the opportunity to create GPS-enforced no-ride and slow zones on their properties so riders are kept away from areas where they shouldn’t be. This is a valuable advantage in working with Beam.

Who organises for the signages at the parking hub?

We organise the signage that is installed at parking hub locations. The type of signage for each location is chosen in consultation with the partner.

What about customers support for riders?

We provide free, 24/7 customer care as well as detailed FAQs on our website and in the Beam app. We encourage our partners to direct users to Beam to answer all questions regarding our service.

How much does a partner earn in commission?

A partner’s earning potential is dependent on the market conditions and the parking hub itself (ie., location, visibility and number of vehicles). Upon request, we can generate a forecast of earnings specifically for your property. Rest assured, alongside the other benefits of having a Beam parking hub on your property, the small area will be earning more than if left unoccupied and unused.

What about insurance?

Beam has in place the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry, with the aim of providing appropriate coverage and protection for us, our partners, our riders and the general public. In addition to public and product liability insurance, we provide personal injury coverage for riders, and injury and property coverage for third parties. Please refer to our website for full details, including policy terms and conditions (

In what cities does Beam operate this model?

We are currently accepting expressions of interest for Noosa, Sunshine Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Queenstown, Alice Springs and Rotorua.

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