Beam for Business welcomes Freo-based partners The Hub on SX

Beam for Business welcomes Freo-based partners The Hub on SX

Our ‘Beam for Business’ program is open to businesses across the region who want to do commutes differently. Our purple e-scooter fleet is efficient, certified climate neutral, and has helped hundreds of thousands of riders around the globe switch to cleaner, greener and more affordable commutes.

Over in Fremantle, Western Australia, Beam for Business partner and co-working space The Hub on SX has a bold vision - to bring together businesses from across the city with a shared commitment to sustainability and environmentalism. Our e-scooters make the perfect partner to that vision, and we’re thrilled to be working with The Hub on SX and bringing e-scooter access to those who work there.

We spoke to Aimee Forster from The Hub on SX to find out more about their business and the community they’re building.

Tell us about The Hub on SX (HOSX) and the community you're building there.

Our goal is to curate a space for all businesses who have a focus on and passion for sustainability and ideally, create the contact and momentum for these businesses to cross pollinate ideas and work amongst each other. Currently we have a great line-up of members who are all operating in the sphere of sustainability across the agriculture, marine economy, fisheries and climate science areas. We also have several independent consultants in the sustainability consulting, social governance and social impact fields.

You're focused on building a community that seeks to do things better. What gave you the idea that you could do transport better with shared micromobility?

We love the idea of a shift towards sustainable transport and believe that shared micromobility would suit the flexibility and ‘shared resource’ principles of a co-working space.

What has the response been, with the introduction of Beam's purple e-scooters to the community?

Our members have embraced this very unique and useful offering. Members are using them to run errands across Fremantle, and several have used them for their commutes as they live in the Fremantle area.

How do your members currently travel to and from The Hub on SX, and do you think that will change if shared micromobility becomes widely available?

About half of our members use bicycles for their commutes, with the other half split across public transport, walking and driving. We do believe that more people would utilise micromobility for their work commutes if the option was available in the city.

As a business, you have signed up to the United Nations General Assembly's Sustainable Development Goals. Tell us about your decision to adopt the SDGs, and any projects you're excited about!

We did not just want to be another shared working space. The entire reason behind starting HOSX was to generate some positive impact for the sustainability industry, our community and for the planet.

Our Founder Charlie [Guilloteau] is a big sustainability enthusiast and has always revered the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a comprehensive, direct and manageable curriculum to which we can set a compass to in regard to making a difference so when starting a sustainable coworking space he thought what better guidelines to use for our members than the SDGs! We are very excited to be working on a partnership with the United Nations Australia WA chapter at present.

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