We are the New Generation…! #Beamcation for Millennial students

We are the New Generation…! #Beamcation for Millennial students

Beam Mobility began with the idea of allowing urban residents to take ownership of  their transportation options. To do so, Beam is providing new mobility options for citizens travelling across the city, and continuing to work with local authorities to take the lead in establishing an orderly shared-mobility culture. Beam's e-scooters offer an alternative option to users, providing better first- and last-mile experiences. In particular, on college campuses, usually excluded from transportation infrastructure, our scooters are the best mobility options amid students' busy daily routine.

"Beam for Campus" is the fruitful results of Beam and student councils' efforts at major universities to recognise the demand for more diverse means of transportation and to achieve the common goals of better in-campus infrastructure and improving student welfare. The program will collaborate with student councils of KyungHee University, Dongguk University, and Sookmyung Women's University. Moreover, it includes Hanyang University and Konkuk University, which have previously signed MOUs with Beam Mobility.

The most important part of this partnership is the student-only subscription package. Purchase of the package is limited to the accounts, which have identified with their school email via app; and, it is a monthly package with 15 minutes of use time a day. Furthermore, there is an additional benefit that does not charge an unlock fee for driving in the city where associated universities are located.

Beam desired to convey its dedication to the Millennials and Gen-Z (MZ Generations) throughout 'Beam for Campus'. We wanted to be a faster option for college students who live in the rush hour by expanding a trustworthy shared scooter infrastructure on campus. Not only did product design take into account the lifestyle patterns of students going to school every day, but it also did not miss out on students' free time through an additional benefit that exempts them from the city's unlock costs where their school is located.

Our concerns to the Earth are along with the interests of MZ generations. When we were asked on how to reduce the use of fossil fuels and implement sustainability, we offered a "Meaning-out" - an opportunity to prove one’s belief through rightful consumption. Traveling with Beam is another way to contribute to Net-Zero in your everyday life, just like taking tumblers to cafes or pulling out unused plugs from power sockets. Beam Mobility is the only Asia-Pacific mobility service operator who achieved Climate Neutral for two consecutive years.

'Beam for Campus' is the beginning of a leap forward for a bigger dream. Within university campuses, the smaller version of society, Beam will make various attempts to develop an orderly shared scooter culture and establish driving etiquettes. For instance, we plan to establish a scooter parking infrastructure by securing and designating separate dedicated parking areas on and around campuses.

'Beam Safe Academy' is also ready for new students to spread the proper driving culture. The first-ever on-site e-scooter safety class held in Korea, Beam Safe Academy has been successfully conducted in collaboration with various local authorities and will be held regularly to promote safe driving skills and improve awareness among users. 

Lastly, we are planning to launch the Beam University Press Group and listen to the voices of students using the service, and will be a new channel for communication. Furthermore, by communicating with students through more diverse channels such as Instagram, we expect to build a positive partnership that improves together beyond the relationship between the service providers and its customers.

In addition, Beam Mobility is planning various events with the student council and the student welfare committee of each university. Currently, we are conducting a hashtag campaign for the summer vacation 'Smart #Beamcation' via Instagram. Students from the associated university committees who participate in the event will be given various gifts like annual passes, Beam credits, helmets, and more as prizes. In addition, after the start of the fall semester, we will hold various additional events such as the "Wish you luck(행운을 #빔)" campaign to support students in line with the mid- and final exam periods.

Still, the door for 'Beam for Campus' is open. Anyone who is interested in implementing the micromobility for the future in the school they are attending may apply through the link below.

Meanwhile, "Beam for Business" program for shared office staff is also in operation starting this month, and it is planned to gradually expand its associated companies.

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