The Beam Apollo e-bike has landed

The Beam Apollo e-bike has landed

It is always a proud day at Beam when we are able to introduce a new member of our family to the world. For too long the Beam Saturn has been alone. But that changes today.

The Beam Apollo is our fist ever pedal-assist bicycle, an e-bike for short. It was built with the support of Okai and has been created to safely tackle the urban conditions in cities across Asia Pacific. 

In order to really get a feel for our new e-bike, you will have to give one a try but in case it is not immediately available in your region here are five things we think you should know:

  1. Safe Ride Initiation: In order to accelerate the Apollo, the rider must pedal to 3km/hour before the pedal-assist power is activated. This prevents accidental acceleration while the vehicle is starting a trip. Preventing accidental acceleration is particularly important when a rider is waiting to cross a road with heavy traffic or starting to ride in an area with pedestrians.

  2. Front and Rear Drum Brakes: The Beam Apollo has high-quality drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The dual-braking system is designed to be ultrasafe and durable. A drum brake is used rather than a disk or band brake to improve durability and performance significantly.

  3. Rear-Wheel Drive: The Beam Apollo has a rear-wheel mounted electric motor, which provides greater control to the rider than front-wheel pedal-assist motors, particularly on slippery surfaces. It also prevents accidents such as skidding that can be caused by front-wheel motors.

  4. Automatic Detection of Vehicle Faults: Beam Apollo has integrated one of the most sophisticated automated diagnostic systems to catch and report most hardware or software faults with the vehicle and communicate these in real-time to our operational data network.

  5. Anti-Tipping Kickstand: The Beam Apollo is designed with an anti-tipping double kickstand to make parking easier and to ensure the bikes stay upright and out of the way of pedestrians.

The Beam Apollo will be rolling out in Sydney and Auckland this month and soon make its way to more Beam cities across the region.

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