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Become a key player in our rapidly expanding program and enjoy substantial returns with minimal time and financial commitment.

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Why Beam?

Low start up cost

Purchase as many Beam vehicles as you need with the lowest initial capital cost.

Training provided

We’ll equip you with all you need to know about the vehicles, geofences, and more.

Direct support

Our HQ manages complaints, insurance and cases with the local council directly.

Running an e-scooter service franchise is easy!

Just focus on these 3 things.

Fleet rebalancing

Battery swapping


6 fast and easy steps to launch your franchise business!

Step 1

Consultation for prospective franchise

Step 2

Set area and number of vehicles

Step 3

Review the contract

Step 4

Signing the agreement

Step 5

Collect vehicles and 1:1 training at Beam HQ

(including geofencing and parking area)


Deploy the vehicles for operation

Get started with your Beam franchise business today!

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