Beam is a global leader in micromobility,
operating e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds
in more than 60 cities across Asia Pacific.

Our commitment to cities

As urban populations grow, the opportunities for governments to reshape transportation ecosystems for their cities have never been more exciting.

At Beam we are fully committed to working in partnership with governments at all levels to help make city life flow better for everyone. This can include improving public transportation connectivity, to move around a large and disperse educational campus, or to be used in car-free areas.

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Our mission is simple;

to turn little drives
into better rides and
make cities flow better.

Micromobility can change the way we move within Malaysian cities, offering a simple yet effective way to connect with commercial, tourist, education, and recreational areas.

We take great pride in supporting local governments to realise their transportation goals - here are just a few case studies of how we are supporting communities.

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Shah Alam, Malaysia

Beam has been a zero-emission transport partner of Shah Alam city since April 2021, one of the most populous cities in Malaysia. We report carbon emission savings to the city council.

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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Public transport connectivity remains an issue throughout urban areas of Malaysia, even in more developed areas in Petaling Jaya. Beam is assisting the city council to ensure neighbourhood communities can access their closes bus or rail station communities with our e-scooter.

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EduCity Iskandar (Johor), Malaysia

Beam allows access to electric vehicles for communities that need it most - like students who want to keep their campus a green space. Removing the hassle of car ownership & finding available carpark spaces, Beam makes getting around easy in a large campus like EduCity Iskandar.

Please contact our experienced team to find out more about how we can support you in your transport goals.

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Safety comes first

To us, safety is more than ensuring a rider has a functioning vehicle that meets safety requirements of the Government.

Using a combination of hardware, software, and real world education, we offer all Beam users a chance to one of the safest micromobility vehicles in the world - a guarantee that private vehicles can’t promise you.

Carbon Footprint

In the Asia Pacific, Beam is the only e-mobility operator to be Climate Neutral Certified. All trips on Beams are not only 100% electric-powered, but have been approved to have end-to-end carbon neutral status.

Boost Local Business

Our #BeamBooster platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications, and partner incentives to stimulate economic activity in your local community. Better still, it’s free for business to sign up.

Employment Opportunities

Our Beam Rangers programme allows work opportunities in the gig economy. Our Beam Rangers help with local maintenance tasks which include scooter inspection, battery swapping, deployment and collection of scooters to ensure that riders are able to ride safely and conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Data for City Planning

We believe it is important that the data can be put to work to maximise the positive impact for our partner cities.

Beam has the capabilities to track and analyse thousands of metrics, which are used by both Beam and the cities we operate in to improve safety for both riders and the community, understand the demand for micromobility, and form mobility and future city-planning and infrastructure development insights.

Want Beam in your city?

Are you a local government authority or city official interested in finding out more about how a shared micromobility operation could work in your city?

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