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Beam brings e-scooters to Miramar, Strathmore Park and Wellington Airport

Beam brings e-scooters to Miramar, Strathmore Park and Wellington Airport

Leading micromobility company Beam has brought its popular e-scooters to more areas of Wellington, following popular demand.

Beam’s industry-leading e-scooters will now be available for use in Miramar, Strathmore Park and for travel to and from Wellington Airport, improving transport options and connections to the wider city. 

With the expansion of Beam’s operations, an increased number of residents can also now take advantage of Beam’s e-scooters, with data showing increasingly longer rides and a growing reliance on micromobility as a form of regular transport. 

Beam’s data shows riders increasingly utilising Beam’s service for commutes, showing regular adoption of micromobility for everyday life.

To be attributed to Beam General Manager ANZ Tom Cooper:

“We have seen e-scooters take off in popularity and become increasingly entrenched in the daily life of Wellington’s residents - be it commuting to and from places of work and education, running errands and visiting bars and restaurants. They have also been popular as a great way to explore the city. 
“Riders have increasingly requested for Miramar to be included in Beam’s riding area, both to travel to and from home and to access the restaurants and attractions in the nearby area.
“We’re pleased to be able to make this change to benefit both residents and visitors to Miramar and its surrounds. 
“Light packers can also take advantage of the new form of transport to and from Wellington Airport. 
“We’re thrilled to see Wellington’s support of e-mobility, and look forward to working collaboratively with the local council to bring access to more residents.”

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