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Beam expands Auckland operating area, launching in Manukau City

Beam expands Auckland operating area, launching in Manukau City
  • Beam’s geofence expansion will enable travel in Manukau City from Monday 22 August 2022

[22 August 2022] Leading micromobility company Beam will bring its popular e-scooters to Manukau, supporting increasing commuter and leisure rides in Auckland.

From this week, Beam will launch in Manukau, making their industry-leading purple e-scooters available for use in Manukau for the first time.

With the expansion of Beam’s operations, an increased number of residents can also now take advantage of Beam’s e-scooters, with data showing increasingly longer rides as Auckland residents get more familiar with the new mode of transport.

This expansion supports Auckland Council’s Transport Emissions Reduction plan, providing a more sustainable mode of transport to make Auckland accessible for all.

Beam’s latest rider data from Auckland shows that riders anticipate an increased reliance on shared micromobility in the coming months, with over 1.2 million trips taken to date by Auckland’s Beam riders.

Beam is excited to be able to launch in Manukau in collaboration with Eke Panuku Development Auckland, Auckland Council’s urban regeneration agency and; Business Manukau to help promote our message of e-scooter safety and introduce the local business community to Beam’s business partnerships and programs.

This includes our Beam Booster program, which sees free parking spots created in front of local businesses to drive traffic to the business.

Beam has also partnered with local creative entrepreneurship agency, The Roots, to upskill local team members with high tech skills and experience.

Beam’s New Zealand Expansion Manager Frederick Conquer said:

“We are so excited to finally be able to launch in Manukau and look forward to welcoming new riders.
“As we continue to offer shared micromobility to more of Auckland, our commitment is first and foremost to the safety of both the riding and non-riding community, and ensuring rider compliance with legislation.
“We have comprehensive in-app rider education, and incorporate safety features such as precision geofencing, vehicle tracking, triple brakes and bluetooth-locked helmets.
“We are also excited to be working with the local business community to support local businesses. Our data shows that every 6 out of 10 Beam trips involves a purchase at a store, and we look forward to supporting the growth of the local economy through local employment and enabling traffic to and from businesses.”

Kerry Burridge, Manager of Business Manukau said:

"We are delighted to see Beam introducing their mobility scooters to the Manukau central business district. We have been working with Beam for nearly two years to bring this much-needed mode of transportation to our shoppers, students and staff.
“Manukau now has a great range of public transportation options including a regional bus terminal and two railway stations. We believe that the scooters will make it easier to come to Manukau by bus or train, and then to readily travel around the district to get to shops, work, education and entertainment.
“We look forward to Beam becoming an integral part of the Manukau experience"

Richard Davison, Eke Panuku South Auckland Director said:

“Manukau is a busy business, shopping and educational hub with thousands of workers, students and locals moving around each day. It’s great that they will now have more choice in how they get around, especially if they’ve just hopped off the train or a bus.
“The future of our thriving town centres is grounded in increasing the ease that people can move about and Eke Panuku is looking forward to seeing scooters for the first time in Manukau.”

Waikare Komene, Director of The Roots said:

“The Roots and Beam have partnered to provide our community with an alternative mode of transport for quick reliable trips around Manukau City; to upskill and develop local teams by providing training and support; and to provide local internships and employment opportunities.
“As local entrepreneurs and placemakers, we are fortunate to work with our Otara / Papatoetoe Local Board and Eke Panuku with the future growth and developments in Manukau. It’s pretty cool to see these shared e-scooters here in South Side – Manukau! We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Beam and help create employment for our local young people – Awesome!”

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