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Beam Mobility announces operation improvement plan to co-exist with the community

Beam Mobility announces operation improvement plan to co-exist with the community

Beam Mobility announced that it will empower its operation actions to establish safePM culture and to co-exist with the community.

The PM operator will have in-app pop-up notifications during July to notify about the parking-restricted areas. In conjunction with the previous Instagram BeamSafe Parking Campaign held in May, Beam Mobility’s application will now show notifications about the parking-restricted areas including bus/taxi stations, subway entrances, and crosswalk nearby whenever the user accesses the application. Relevant notifications will also be shared through the operator’s official Instagram.

Also,Beam Mobility stressed that improper parking of e-scooters will be enforced.According to the operator, the application provides parking-related information to the user during the end-trip stage and requests an end-parking picture to check the parking status. If the parking has been made at an inadequate area including braille blocks and automobile roads, collection or redistribution will be conducted.

BeamMobility will continue improving the chatbot system for better customer support. Implemented in March, KakaoTalk chatbot service for customer consultation and service support provides various usage information related to account, payment, Beam point, riding, parking, insurance, etc. in real time and is able to support live-chat service. Until now, the chatbot has successfully dealt with more than 45,000 inquiries.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“As a responsible operator,Beam Mobility is committed to conduct best practices not only for its users but for the community where it is operating at,” and added, “While utilizing the current available assets at full capacity, we will continue to endeavour on improving the operation.”

Meanwhile, previously announced monsoon preparation guidelines will also be in action as the rainy season started from the first week of July. Areas with a risk of flooding including Han River Park and riverby areas will be designated as no-parking zones during the monsoon season, while a safe management system will be rolled out to block e-scooter operation in affected areas.

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