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Beam Mobility-Busan Transportation Corporation makes a MOU to activate mobility in Busan area

Beam Mobility-Busan Transportation Corporation makes a MOU to activate mobility in Busan area

Beam Mobility announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Busan Transportation Corporation to activate mobility in Busan area.

The virtual signing ceremony was held between Beam Mobility Korea General Manager Kang Heesu and Busan Transportation Corporation Management Head Office Director Lee Dong-ryeol. Through the MOU, both Beam Mobility and Busan TransportationCorporation agreed to make efforts to revitalize mobility in Busan area through increasing passenger transportation options by linking the use of shared kickboards with Busan Metro and establishing a safe-use infrastructure for users.

 In conjunction with the MOU, Beam Mobility will conduct a promotion that provides an e-scooter ride coupon when purchasing a Busan Metro subscription ticket.With the 500-limited subscription tickets and promotional materials within the subway stations, Beam Mobility’s logo will be shown to the public. Additional promotions including metro-scooter transit events and price promotions will also be made accordingly. Both parties are expecting that the promotion will increase the usage of the e-scooters and subway.

Along with the promotion, Beam Mobility will establish e-scooter racks adjacent to the subway stations to establish safe user infrastructure. Also, the participating parties will create shared e-scooter usage etiquette and encouragement campaigns of safety equipment usage for the users of Busan Metro.

Furthermore,Beam Mobility and Busan Transportation Corporation will coordinate campaigns in relation to safety use and etiquette of e-scooters to diversify ways to increase the users of both Beam Mobility and Busan Transportation Corporation.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“We expect that this cooperation will successfully portray shared e-scooters as a more convenient and favourable option for the Busan citizens,” and added, “We will continue to endeavour to establish a healthy shared e-scooter riding culture in the communities where we operate.”

Since February this year, Beam Mobility has expanded its service area to Southern Gyeongsang Provinces including Busan and Ulsan, and is currently providings ervice in areas including Seoul, Incheon, Hanam, Cheonan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Cheongju. The operator is endeavouring to increase its user safety through‘Beam Safety Academy’ - an on-site safety education programme - and ‘Beam Safety Academy Quiz’ - a quiz to educate participants on accident prevention and parking methods.

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