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Beam Mobility conducts ‘Online Safe Parking Campaign’ for appropriate usage culture to root into the society

Beam Mobility conducts ‘Online Safe Parking Campaign’ for appropriate usage culture to root into the society

Beam Mobility announced that it is conducting the ‘Online Safe Parking Campaign’ for appropriate shared e-scooter user culture to root into the society and increase traffic safety. Held with Beam Mobility’s passion for safety, this month-long campaign will deliver necessary parking information including no-parking/stopping areas and other precautionary items to make the operators’ devices be more harmonized into the society.

With visual contents for the users to easily understand no-parking and stopping areas, Beam Mobility will communicate with its users through mobile application notices and push notifications. In addition, the operator’s official social media channels including Instagram and Naver Blog will emphasize the importance of orderly parking.

According to the proposed guideline by the Presidential Committee on the FourthIndustrial Revolution, personal mobility (PM) devices including shared e-scooters should not be parked at 13 locations including

▲ center of sidewalk

▲ crosswalk and promenade

▲ braille block, elevator entrance

▲ bus and taxi stations

▲ pedestrian access walks at buildings, shopping malls, etc.

▲ roadway

▲ entry and exit with lower jaw

▲ bicycle road

▲ area within 5 meters offire-fighting facilities

▲ above overpass and in the underground sidewalk androadway

▲ stairway and railing

▲ inside tunnel and on bridge

▲ traffic-restricted areas designated by road management administration.

To maintain a clean street environment and orderly parking culture to settle in,Beam Mobility is currently operating dedicated parking areas through its virtual docking system. Through the system, the operator provides Beam credit to incentivise users who have parked at the parking zones, or penalize users who have not parked at the designated areas. Also, Beam Mobility collect safer-ride photograph from the users to verify whether the parking has been made appropriately. 

In addition, Beam Mobility will conduct campaigns to establish a safe driving and proper parking culture through regular online and offline education. Through the application-based ‘Beam Safe Academy Quiz’ for new users to learn about raffic regulations and safety information, Beam Mobility provides incentiveBeam credit for the users who have finished the quiz. Along with the quiz, the operator is in discussions or conducting offline safe education programmes withSeoul Songpa District, Han River Facilities Management Headquarter, Daegu City and Incheon City.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“With an objective to provide convenient and safe shared e-scooter service, Beam Mobility has endeavoured to establish safe driving and parking order culture,” and added, “BeamMobility will strive for diverse ways to increase user awareness on the related laws and systems.”

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