South Korea

Beam Mobility expands its presence in Chungcheong province by launching shared e-scooter services in Daejeon·Cheongju

Beam Mobility expands its presence in Chungcheong province by launching shared e-scooter services in Daejeon·Cheongju

BeamMobility announced that it has expanded its presence at major cities of Chungcheong Province including Daejeon and Cheongju. The operator will increase the public’s mobility convenience through competitive price and the best e-scooter in the industry, with expectation of accelerating eco-friendly transportation methods to settle down in the new service areas.

Through its know-hows accumulated at the areas of its service, Beam Mobility will provide the best service to its Daejeon and Cheongju users. For both locations,the operator will allocate its state-of-the-art e-scooter, Beam Saturn+, within creased convenience, durability, and safety features.

Durability of the Beam Saturn+ has been increased greatly through aircraft-grade aluminium frame, while up-to-date technologies including automatic collision &accident detection, three-brakes system, and dual suspension assures safety vehicle. Also, cellphone dock and cup holder are installed for better user experience.

BeamMobility’s shared e-scooters will be a help to the local societies’ eco-friendly policies. E-scooters’ carbon dioxide emissions reach only 1~2percent as that of automobiles and thus a sustainable transportation method for air quality improvement and carbon neutral aspect. As both cities are active in creating a healthy and pleasant environment, Beam Mobility’s service expansion will empower the local societies’ green transportation infrastructure establishment.

The operator will conduct activities to create a safe e-scooter riding culture. Through its application, Beam Mobility provides ‘Beam Safe Academy Quiz’ for the new users to know about the related traffic laws and safety regulations, with freeBeam credit for the users who have finished the quiz. On-site safety education program ‘Beam Safe Academy’ will also be held in accordance with the social distancing policy by the government.

In addition, Beam Mobility is currently operating a Kakao Talk Chatbot for customer support. By adding Beam Mobility’s Kakao Plus Channel(@Beam) through Kakao Talk application, one can check on diverse information about account, payment, credit, riding, parking, insurance, and other information in real time and can request for a live-chat support with a customer support professional.Additional corporate inquiries including partnership is also available.

HeesuKang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“A new era of personalmobility at main Chungcheong area has came with the Daejeon and Cheongjuservice expansion,” and added, “we will continue to communicate with the localgovernment to ensure Beam Mobility’s e-scooters to root into the local communityas a safe and convenient mean of transportation.”

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