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Beam Mobility initiates its e-scooter service for the visitors of Belle Foret Resort

Beam Mobility initiates its e-scooter service for the visitors of Belle Foret Resort

Beam Mobility announced its partnership with “Belle Foret Resort”, located at Jeungpyeong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do Province, with the remark that it will expand its service coverage area by providing its shared e-scooter service to the resort customers.

Boasting the largest size in Chungcheongbuk-do Province, the resort is known to be the premium leisure complex with beautiful landscape that connects lake and mountains, added with recreational activities and facilities such as amusement park, condominium, four-season sledding, golf, luge, mini-golf, and sheepherding performance farm, with environmental leisure programs including jet boats, trekking, and yacht at the Marina Club.

Through the partnership, Beam Mobility will operate 100 e-scooters at the resort with over 2.6 square kilometres(app. 800,000 pyeong) of size. Connecting the parking lot and the lake, the resort users may utilize the operator’s scooter on the1.5km-long dedicated road that passes through the main attractions of the facilities. In addition, exclusive fare will be provided for the resort users and resort activity discount coupons will be provided for the e-scooter users.

Beam Mobility has prepared a strict operation plan to ensure safety of the users within the resort. Dedicated helmets and Beam Mobility insurance products will be rented and provided respectively free of charge, and standing signs withe-scooter safety rules will be installed throughout the resort.

The operator did not hide its expectation that the first-ever shared e-scooter service within a Korean resort will improve both Belle Foret’s operation procedures and user convenience. Beam Mobility explained that e-scooters, known for its significantly-less carbon emission, will contribute to the resort’s eco-friendly management, while allowing users to freely enjoy the natural scenery and thus improve overall experience.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“Enhanced travel experience will be provided to the visitors of Belle Foret Resort with Beam Mobility’s shared e-scooter service available at the scene,” and added, “Beam Mobility will continue to expand its service through more partnerships in various fields.”

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