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Beam Mobility launches KakaoTalk chatbot service

Beam Mobility launches KakaoTalk chatbot service

Beam Mobility announced that it has officially launched the KakaoTalk chatbot service for customer consultation and service support.

Beam Mobility KakaoTalk chatbot service provides various usage information such as account, payment, Beam point, riding, parking, insurance, etc. in real time. If you do not have the answer you are looking for, you can also chat with a professional counselor. When you enter beam in English in the KakaoTalk friend search window and add a channel, you can easily receive the information you want 24 hours a day. In addition to general usage information, partnership inquiries are also provided.

 In addition, Beam Mobility plans to provide active safe riding training for Beam chatbot users. It plans to actively guide the 'Safe Riding Quiz' provided in the Beam's mobile app and encourage Beam users to participate in the quiz containing traffic laws and safety rules necessary for safe riding. When the BeamSafety Driving Academy is held in the future, it will be given priority to chatbot subscribers. 

Beam Mobility expects that the introduction of this chatbot service will not only improve customer satisfaction, but also help improve internal work efficiency.Beam Mobility plans to further upgrade its chatbot system by the end of this year, replacing much of its customer service tasks with chatbots in the future.

Heesu Kang, general manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said:

“We want to further narrow the distance to customers through a chatbot service that can quickly and easily deliver accurate information to users of the Beam electric scooter. We will provide various support so that our customers can use Beam electric scooter with confidence and safety by putting more information on chatbot service including FAQs."

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