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Beam Mobility participates in plastic-use reduction campaign, ‘#GoGoChallenge’

Beam Mobility participates in plastic-use reduction campaign, ‘#GoGoChallenge’

Beam Mobility announced that it will participate in #GoGoChallenge, a social media campaign to take action on reducing the use of plastic products in daily lives.

Initiated by the Korea’s Ministry of Environment, #GoGoChallenge commenced in January to reduce the use of plastic and single-use products. The campaign is conducted in a relay format, where the selected participant promises a single action to-do and not-to-do respectively to reduce daily plastic usage in its social media platform and nominate candidates to participate in the campaign.

Nominated by content commerce start-up Fast view, Beam Mobility Korea has selected Busan Transportation Corporation and Tourism and Events Queensland to take part in this meaningful campaign.

With the slogan of “Go reduce single-use products! Go achieve climate neutral through e-scooters!”, Beam Mobility will promote the campaign for its employees to participate in the campaign. Officially Climate Neutral Certified for the second year by an independent third-party auditor of carbon emissions ClimateNeutral, Beam Mobility will secure its sustainability leader position in micro-mobility across Asia-Pacific and conduct diverse environmental activities throughout this year.

Busan Transportation Corporation is the leader of environment improvements with the first-ever ‘Environmental Product Declaration(EPD)’ certification achieved by aKorean metropolitan subway company in May 2020. Certified on all seven environmental factors including carbon footprint, resource footprint, and water footprint set by the Environmental Technology and Industry Support Act, the corporation made a MOU with Beam Mobility last April to activate mass transportation use and eco-friendly e-scooter infrastructure development in the Busan metropolitan area.

Tourism and Events Queensland - the government agency responsible for promoting the“Sunshine State” Queensland, Australia - will also participate in the campaign.Developing and growing with nature, Queensland is stepping up as the leader of environment protection and management through relevant activities. Programs about the Great Barrier Reef - one of the natural wonders of the world - will be expanded thanks to great interest from both industry officials and visitors.Currently, Beam Mobility is providing its shared e-scooter service at Townsville, one of the gateways to Great Barrier Reef, and will expand its service to the state’s capital city Brisbane from July.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“I am excited to announceBeam Mobility’s participation in the #GoGoChallenge to lessen daily plastic use and save our environment,” and added, “As the environment-responsible mobility service provider, Beam Mobility will continue its dedication for sustainableEarth with various corporations and institutions.”

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