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Beam Mobility supports the reopening of air routes with Singapore Airlines partnership

Beam Mobility supports the reopening of air routes  with Singapore Airlines partnership

Beam Mobility announced its partnership with Singapore Airlines on providing e-scooter usage benefit.

In accordance with the new partnership agreement, Beam Mobility will provide KRW 3,000 Beam credit to the members of Singapore Airlines’ lifestyle rewards program Kris+ from MONTH DATE. The credit is only usable for the Kris+ members who bear Korean drivers’ license and have not used Beam Mobility’s service in Korea. 

Kris+, a blockchain-based e-wallet service, has officially been launched in Korea this month. The service provides diverse benefits to the KrisFlyer - Singapore Airlines mileage program - users with 44 partners varying from amusement parks, dining, duty-free shops, lodging, and even art museums. The first-ever mobility partner of the Kris+, Beam Mobility will provide an eco-friendly last-mile option to the members.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said,

“This partnership, between the airlines; the longest transportation method, and shared mobility; the opposite, will provide a new option for the users on more convenient and reasonable way to move,” and added, “Beam Mobility will strive to find ways to support the customers by reviewing the possible benefits.” 

Xavier Ho, General Manager of Singapore Airlines Korea, said,

“It is a great pleasure to introduce Beam Mobility’s e-scooter service through Kris+ while the customers’ inquiries were peaking with the recent travel bubble announcement of Korea-Singapore,” and added, “Will endeavour more to provide the Korean customers with benefits from various industry.”

In addition, Beam Mobility is expanding its services through partnerships with other sectors. Since September, the operator is providing benefits to shared workspaces and university students’ unions through ‘Beam for Business’ and ‘Beam for Campus’, respectively. Furthermore, Beam Mobility is speeding up diversifying its business model with the first-ever operation of a shared e-scooter in a premium resort in Korea.

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