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Beam Mobility’s shared e-scooter safety program Beam Safe Academy for the year 2021 finalised

Beam Mobility’s shared e-scooter safety program Beam Safe Academy for the year 2021 finalised
  • Total of 24 professional on-site safety education sessions conducted in collaboration with local governments
  • Both theoretical and practical e-scooter training provided on various fields including driving and parking
  • Program to be extended for safe PM culture establishment and co-exist with local society

November 19, 2021
- Beam Mobility announced that its on-site shared e-scooter safety education‘Beam Safe Academy’ has been successfully finished with 24 sessions this year.

Beam Safety Academy is a safety education program jointly developed by Beam Mobility with various industry experts to establish a safe shared e-scooter culture. In collaboration with the local government where Beam Mobility operates, the operator strives to provide proper driving and parking methods to the participants.

For this year, more than 360 participants with drivers’ licenses participated in a total of 24 sessions conducted from April to November with various institutions and organizations such as Daegu City, Cheonan City, and the Han River Management.

At the site, experienced professional instructors taught by guiding related laws and regulations for safe driving, as well as proper e-scooter driving/parking methods and safety rules through both theory and practice. Also, during the outdoor course practice, participants were given the opportunity to experience the driving course consisting of various difficulties, with safety guards on-site. In addition, participants were provided with helmets that should be worn when using e-scooters, and compliance with safety rules were emphasized once more.

A participant of Beam Safe Academy session held at Gwangnaru Bicycle Park in the 17th stated,“the session was a good experience for me to solve my questions about whether or not I am following safety rules well, and how to ride safely,” and added, “it was a great opportunity to have one’s driving habit checked by a professional.”

Beam Mobility will continue to provide Beam Safe Academy opportunities in collaboration with the local governments, and is planning to expand its programme according to the With Covid policy of the Korean government.

Heesu Kang, General Manager of Beam Mobility Korea, said, “Beam Mobility endeavoured to actively promote safe e-scooter usage through its well-developed educational programs,” and added, “Beam will continue to make close relationships with local governments to actively establish an e-scooter driving and parking culture”.

Meanwhile, Beam Mobility has continued various activities to establish a safe shared e-scooter driving culture. Through the Beam Safety Academy Quiz in its own application, new users are provided with traffic laws and safety rules education, and users who successfully participate in the quiz will be given free points to use the Beam’s e-scooters. In addition, through the "Online Safety Parking Campaign," the operator is actively promoting areas that prohibit parking and stopping of PM devices, establishing a safe PM culture, and making efforts to co-exist with local communities.

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