Beam Ranger Program

Are you a business interested in expanding your income? Help your city flow better with Beam.

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How you will help

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Donation program


Our Ranger Partners play a crucial role in ensuring our vehicles are always charged and operational. You will be responsible for swapping batteries across our fleet of e-vehicles.

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Community Grants


Ranger Partners help us ensure vehicles are placed where they are needed most, at the right times.

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Event Organisers

Collecting and Deploying Vehicles

Our Ranger Partners are tasked with deploying vehicles from our warehouses to designated parking locations, and returning any vehicles requiring maintenance.

What you need

Registered business entity

We are looking to partner with registered businesses that have their own vans, equipment and staff.

Business Insurance

We expect our partners to hold applicable business insurance; including Public Liability Insurance and Workers' Compensation insurance for partners managing a team of rangers.

Your own cargo vehicles

You and your team must have suitable vehicles to transport our e-vehicles and batteries safely.

Learn how our Rewards work
and how you can earn extra.

Ranger Rewards

Welcome Bonus

Earn an extra $1 per task across your first 100 tasks.

Daily Boost

Earn extra by completing a certain number of tasks over a day.

Streak Bonus

Keep your task completion streak going over several days and receive a bonus.

How it works

First, ensure you meet the above requirements and click ‘sign up now’ to register your interest.

‍We’ll review your submission and if we think you may be suitable for the Ranger Program, we’ll send you a formal application form.

Complete your formal application and if everything checks out and we accept you into the Program, we’ll send you an acceptance email setting out further instructions to get you started (including the training you and your team will need to complete so you’re appraised of our safety and other operating procedures).

Start completing tasks, when and where you want, and earn a fee per task completed. We have tasks available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ranger Services? 

Our Ranger Partners perform Ranger Services which are tasks relating to Beam’s e-scooters and/or e-bikes deployed within a city. For example swapping a battery, repositioning an e-scooter or returning an e-bike to our local warehouse.

Available tasks are advertised to our network of approved Ranger Partners, which Ranger Partners can choose to perform, using their own equipment and staff (and we use the term ‘Rangers’ to refer to their beautiful humans who physically perform those Tasks).

How many Tasks need to be performed and when?

Available Tasks are advertised in real time, 24/7, to our network of Ranger Partners, but there is no obligation to perform any one or more of them. It is only as and when a Ranger Partner actively accepts any particular Task that it becomes obliged to perform that Task.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, holding Public Liability Insurance is a requirement for all our Ranger Partners.

If I’m a sole trader, can I still render Ranger Services to Beam?

Yes, as long as you are a registered business, appropriately insured, and you have the requisite equipment, vehicles and staff required in order to perform the type and number of Tasks you envisage performing for Beam.

What Fees can be earned?

Task fees depend on various factors, including task type, location and timing, and will be advertised alongside every Task within the Beam Operations App.

Are there exclusivity commitments?

No. Ranger Partners need not be exclusive to Beam and can continue with their other business in the ordinary course.

If I don’t meet the Ranger Program requirements, how can I still work for Beam?

If you don’t meet the Program requirements, but still want to help us with our e-scooter and e-bikes or anything else, please visit our careers page Or our Become a Marshal or Mechanic form to see the opportunities we currently have available!