Beam expands its shared e-scooter service in the Yeongnam area

Beam expands its shared e-scooter service in the Yeongnam area

Beam will launch in Busan and Ulsan with the advanced Saturn+ the first location in Korea to receive Beam’s newest e-scooter.

The expansion to Busan and Ulsan means that Beam now covers the three main metropolitan cities in Yeongnam area Daegu, the third metropolitan area, has been coloured purple since later 2020.

“We are very excited to make the first step to the major cities of the Yeongnam area including Busan and Ulsan through the expansion. Beam will provide its superb product and services to the users with attractive price, while dedicating to implement convenient and safe personal mobility traffic order to the local society,” said Kang Heesu, Beam Korea General Manager.

The Beam offering in Busan and Ulsan will include:

1. Beam Saturn+, the e-scooter with innovation: The Beam Saturn has evolved once more! Introduced to the Korea region for the first time from year 2021, the Beam Saturn+ provides the best riding experience with dual-suspension on the front wheel, and will also provide the convenience of a built-in cellphone holder and cup holder. In addition, the aircraft-grade aluminium frame insures the devices’ durability and safety.

2. Safe-related activities for the users: Safety is one of the most important aspects that we care about. Currently, Beam Mobility provides traffic regulation information and safety regulation education through its ‘Beam Safe Academy Quiz’ included in the Beam application. The quiz is promoted to the newly registered users by providing free credits . Beam will also run a Beam Safe Academy in the coming weeks.

3. Virtual Docking For Cleaner Streets: At Beam, we believe that the future of micromobility is docked rather than dockless. But a docked system does not require hardware racks fitted on the pavements. Fixed parking docks can be created virtually, using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.

4. Climate Neutral Operations For A Greener City: A long-term goal for Beam has always been to contribute to the cause of tackling climate change. For our operations, through the end of 2019, we have achieved Climate Neutral Certified status by measuring our entire greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions this year and beyond. In Asia-Pacific, this makes us the only micromobility operator to be independently certified as climate neutral.

5. Beam Booster for Retail Recovery: Over recent months we have developed a unique program designed to assist local shops, restaurants and cafes in the cities which we operate in as they strive to reinvigorate their businesses after the easing of COVID-19 conditions. Named ‘Operation Booster’, Beam’s proprietary partnership platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications and partner incentives to help stimulate economic activity at the local community level.

Beam will continue to work with relevant Busan and Ulsan authorities to create the safe shared e-scooter culture for the users.

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