BEAM HITS 10,000,000 RIDES

BEAM HITS 10,000,000 RIDES

This morning we hit 10 million global rides, which is the equivalent of one of our Beams flying to the moon and back 19 times.

But it’s not just about the distance travelled. It also means we’ve avoided releasing a massive 3,720 tons of CO2 emissions, which would have been generated by the same distance travelled by a petrol-powered car.

From all of us at Beam, thank you to the moon and back.


The distance to the moon is approximately 400,000km (15 million km / 400,000km = 38 / 2 = 19 trips to the moon and back)

10 million rides equate to 15,000,000 kms travelled (1.5km per ride). A medium sized petrol car emits 248 grams of Co2 eq per km on average, therefore 3,720 tons has been saved (offset) from 10 million rides. Beam is Certified Climate Neutral.

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