Australia’s shocking road transport CO2 emissions visualised ahead of World Car Free Day

Australia’s shocking road transport CO2 emissions visualised ahead of World Car Free Day
  • Beam has released visualisations of Australian capital cities’ road transport CO2 emissions
  • The world marks World Car Free Day on 22 September

[19 September 2022] With Australia’s latest census data from 2021 showing 91 per cent of Australian households have at least one vehicle, micromobility company Beam has released visualisations of just how immense road transport emissions are in capital cities across Australia, as part of a campaign to encourage city residents to rethink their commute. 

Driving remains the main form of transport for Australians, with the 2016 census revealing more than two in three Australians relied on the car for their work commute. An update to the census data is expected in the next month. 

Whilst the data is concerning for the climate, it also highlights the immense potential for carbon emissions savings should Australians make changes to the way they undergo their daily commute. 

Research from Beam - based on Australian rider surveys - revealed that 40% of riders are more likely to consider public transport as an option for long journeys, over cars or ridesharing, if they have the option to rely on e-scooters and e-bikes for first and last mile transport. 48% of Beam riders reveal they already utilise e-scooters and e-bikes for their first and last mile connections, with 22% of Beam riders saying they “always” or “usually” do as part of their trips in the city. 

68% of Beam riders also revealed they were more likely to use an e-scooter and e-bike over a fossil fuelled vehicle given the lesser environmental impact of a carbon-neutral ride.

Beam riders are also calling on governments to aid them in their car free journeys, with 59% of surveyed riders calling for additional infrastructure for active transport, and 32% for increased public transport access. 

38% of riders are calling for more shared micromobility access near their place of residence, with 23% requesting more shared micromobility access near their place of work.

Beam General Manager ANZ Tom Cooper said:

“Ahead of  Car Free Day, we are calling for Australians to remember the environmental impact of their personal transport choices, and their ability to make a difference.
“It is obvious that a reduction of road transport emissions from fuel-powered vehicles in cities has a huge impact on a city’s carbon footprint, and users of e-mobility are riding the change.
“Our data shows 85% of Beam riders believe it is somewhat, very or extremely important to phase out petrol and diesel cars on the roads, showing the more access to and awareness of other modes of transport an Australian has, the more they are passionate about embracing alternate modes of transport.
“It is also very encouraging that in these early stages of shared micromobility being integrated into capital cities across Australia, our research is showing the potential for it to shift residents away from car usage.
“We remain committed to drawing attention to the positive environmental impact that every Australian can make in their day to day life, and working collaboratively alongside the various State Governments and city residents to bring positive environmental change.”

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