Beam to expand Logan operations to Meadowbrook and South Kingston

Beam to expand Logan operations to Meadowbrook and South Kingston
  • Expansion to Meadowbrook and South Kingston to provide increased access to Logan residents 

 [31 October 2022] Queensland’s largest shared micromobilty company Beam will bring its brand of community-first operations to Meadowbrook and South Kingston, expanding its geofence to include the two new areas. 

The expansion will bring not only increased access to shared e-scooters for local residents and visitors to the city, but also the further creation of local jobs to manage the expanded operations. 

Over 160,000 kilometres has been ridden on a Beam in the City of Logan to date, with the average trip lasting over 12.5 minutes. 

As Beam continues to see a growing reliance on shared micromobility as a mode of transport in Logan, the company will also support industry-first micromobility research, powered by Beam’s alignment with the Micromobility Research Partnership, which will investigate topics such as urban planning, sustainability and the impact of micromobility in the City of Logan as operations expand. 

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper, said: 

"With over 50% of Beam riders in Logan already relying on e-scooters for their work and study commutes, we are excited to offer an alternative mode of transport to more residents in the city. 
"We are also committed to developing collaborative partnerships with local community members and organisations in Logan and engage in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of both riders, pedestrians and other road users. 
"Our flagship rider education and enforcement program, the Beam Safe Academy, will be in place as we expand our operations into new areas, including in-app rider education on riding, parking and the riding rules, in-person training courses, Safety Ambassadors on the streets to enforce safe riding. 
"With our data showing that 6 out of 10 Beam trips result in a purchase at a local business, we’re also excited to be supporting local businesses in driving traffic to their door.” 

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