Beam at Malaysia Urban Forum 2022

Beam at Malaysia Urban Forum 2022

[18 Oct  2022] The Malaysia Urban Forum (MUF) promotes the strong participation to ensure their inclusion in the identification of new issues, the sharing of lessons learned and the exchange of urban solutions and innovation. Beam Mobility, the largest shared micromobility service provider in Malaysia, were invited to share our experience on filling the gaps of Last Mile Connectivity which public transport users have been experiencing at large. 

The forum featured  key players in government, private sector, and public interest groups, who came together to discuss the state of local and urban developments, where the country can do better within its urban policies, and offered solutions to evolving trends and problems. 

With the rise of urban development in the Klang Valley and other new townships, the public have observed that seamless connectivity for pedestrians has not been prioritised, and conditions of our ecosystem including humidity, temperature, and weather have culminated in the rise in the use of micromobility for public transport users. 

With the growing interest in urbanization and sustainable development, attending this event was crucial to study the current trends and study how other stakeholders are tackling these challenges. As urban populations grow, the opportunities for governments to reshape transportation for their cities have never been more exciting. 

“At Beam, our mission is simple: To Make Cities Flow Better. Traffic congestion, cost of vehicle ownership, and lack of affordable parking is the “stick” to encourage public transport usage. Beam makes your first & last mile journey more fun!”

– Taty Azman, Head of Public Affairs, Beam Mobility Malaysia.

“60 percent of Beam riders in Malaysia use our e-scooters to move to and from public transport nodes. Feedback also suggests shortening their travel time & feeling the wind in their hair as they’re on a Beam e-scooter makes the journey even sweeter.”

added Taty.

Check our what our regular riders in Malaysia have to say about Beam:

“We are working to increase accessibility for everyone by strategically positioning our shared e-scooters in more public transport nodes. With the help of our City Council partners and the correct attitudes from fellow Malaysians, we are convinced that we can reach the objective we share with the government, which is to attain a public transportation modal share of 40% by 2030."

– Taty Azman, Head of Public Affairs, Beam Mobility Malaysia. 

The adoption of Beam's e-scooters, along with bigger and more traditional micromobility vehicles, that are complementary to the public transportation ecosystem in Malaysia is a piece of the puzzle that cannot be ignored in order to achieve zero emission and low carbon targets. Electric vehicles are the solution to reduce the 14 million tonnes of CO2 emitted annually, and we’re doing our part to reduce this drastic statistic.  .

In championing a greener environment for this generation and the next, Beam is open and ready to listen to suggestions for how it can further work towards being Carbon Negative. For opportunities, connect with Beam at

We pledge to support city councils in their journey to being more carbon efficient. Find out more about our environmental credentials at

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