Beam Bikes have landed in Bondi

Beam Bikes have landed in Bondi

The Beam Apollo fleet of advanced electric bikes (e-bikes) has launched at Sydney’s Bondi Beach to help the city recover post-COVID by moving more people around the city safely and meet the needs of people increasingly using active transport due to the pandemic. 

Beam will deploy an initial fleet of 50 e-bikes and grow to 250 over the coming weeks. The bikes will be strategically placed at parking locations across Waverley to maximise the city’s existing bike infrastructure.

“COVID-19 has made people think more seriously about how they travel and as people return to work and other amenities, many are opting to walk or ride as an alternative open-air form of transport,” said Khoa Pham, Beam’s General Manager, Australia & New Zealand. 

“Micromobility has the potential to reshape the way our cities move, by enabling people to get around easily, affordably and safely. We’re delighted to launch the Beam Apollo, our first e-bike fleet in iconic Bondi – a community that embraces the outdoors and active transport – and we look forward to seeing how e-bikes will play a part to reactivate Sydney post-COVID,” said Mr Pham.  

Sydney was chosen as the first location to launch Beam’s e-bikes globally due to the city’s growing bike infrastructure including new pop-up bike lanes, climate and hills, which make riding e-bikes more attractive. 

Mr Pham said Beam works with local and state government to ensure its bikes are an asset to the community.

“Beam is forging a new path for micromobility in contrast to the established dockless model that allows e-bikes to be parked anywhere on city streets.  For Beam, the future is docked. Our Virtual Docking technology ensures that e-bikes are parked appropriately, and our smart Bluetooth enabled helmet lock avoids errant helmets cluttering public spaces.

“Having a “virtual docked” model that ensures riders park in predetermined parking spots by being incentivised through the Beam mobile app. Our local Beam rangers also receive alerts and can rapidly respond when bikes are parked inappropriately as part of our fleet management system,” Said Mr Pham. 

Beam today also launched its Beam Booster program, which allows riders to access discounts at local businesses who promote their business to riders for free on the app. The program has operated successfully in Auckland since July to help drive foot traffic to local businesses. 

Key facts: 

  • Beam offers free personal accident insurance for all riders – the first and only operator to do so. 
  • The Beam app allows riders to access the bike, unlock a helmet which is attached to each bike, view maps and appropriate parking locations at their destination.  
  • Beam’s e-bikes and helmets are coated with a non-toxic, long-lasting anti-microbial treatment to protect against spread of bacteria and are regularly sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Bike batteries last for 100 kilometres and data from each bike tells Beam’s maintenance team when batteries need to be replaced. 
  • The bike’s design aims to minimise vandalism through concealed wires and cables. 
  • The bike’s design features a sturdy frame to withstand heavy use and all-weather conditions, large high-grip wheels to absorb shocks and avoid sliding in wet weather and an anti-tipping stand to keep the bikes upright. 
  • The minimum age for riders is 16 years.

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