Beam brings e-scooters to the City of Logan for Christmas

Beam brings e-scooters to the City of Logan for Christmas
  • Beam e-scooters will be available in the City of Logan from Wednesday 22 December
  • Up to 500 e-scooters to roll out within the new operating area through summer 

[22 December 2021] Leading micromobility company Beam will bring its popular e-scooters to more areas of wider-Brisbane, following popular demand, with operations to commence in the City of Logan today. 

Beam’s industry-leading e-scooters will be available for use within the local government area, improving transport options and connections for both leisure and commuting. 

The app-based service will feature affordable pay-as-you-go rates, with a $1 unlock fee and $0.45 per minute. 

Beam’s operating area will include the suburbs of Underwood, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, Springwood and Logan Central to start, with expansions to further suburbs such as Kuraby and Meadowbrook to come in early 2022. 

With the expansion of Beam’s operations, an increased number of residents in wider-Brisbane can also now take advantage of Beam’s e-scooters, with data showing increasingly longer rides and a growing reliance on micromobility as a form of regular transport. 

Beam’s data shows riders increasingly utilising Beam’s service for commutes, showing regular adoption of micromobility for everyday life.

The Beam offering will include:

  • Beam’s Saturn X e-scooter fleet: Featuring tip-resistant dual-kickstands, triple electric and mechanical brakes, a bluetooth-locked helmet, and swappable batteries
  • Beam For All: Beam offers discounted subscription passes for those with limited incomes. Applications can be made via
  • Virtual Docking for Cleaner Streets: At Beam, we believe that the future of micromobility is docked rather than dockless. But a docked system does not require hardware racks fitted on the pavements. Fixed parking docks can be created virtually, using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.
  • Climate Neutral Operations for A Greener City: Beam is the only operator in ANZ to be Certified Climate Neutral, and has recently announced a pledge to go Carbon Negative by 2025. Beam is committed to continuing to lead the industry in sustainability, adopting technological advances to reduce its environmental impact.

Beam General Manager ANZ Tom Cooper said:

“We have seen e-scooters take off in popularity and become increasingly entrenched in the daily life of Brisbane’s residents - be it commuting to and from places of work and education, running errands and visiting restaurants. They have also been popular as a great way to explore the city. 
“We’re pleased to be able to make this expansion to the City of Logan to benefit both residents and visitors, and thank the council for entrusting us with the City’s first micromobility trial.
“There is great potential for micromobility to aid in increased connectivity for residents to travel to and from shops and places of work, study and play, similar to what we’ve seen in inner-city Brisbane. 
“We’re thrilled to see the City of Logan’s support of e-mobility, and look forward to working collaboratively with the local council to bring access to more residents.”

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