Beam offers half-priced peak hour rides for Canberran commuters, launches ‘Glide’ feature

Beam offers half-priced peak hour rides for Canberran commuters, launches ‘Glide’ feature
  • Half-priced peak hour weekday rides on offer for Canberrans in November
  • E-scooters are becoming a bigger part of Canberra’s transport mix, post-lockdown, with every-day trips increasing
  • Beam has this week introduced its new ‘Glide’ feature, aimed at further integrating micromobility into the everyday life of citizens. 
  • Beam is committed to working closely with TCCS to improve accessibility and mobility

[9 November 2021] Leading micromobility company Beam Mobility will offer half-priced peak hour rides for the month of November as COVID restrictions ease further, and Canberrans enjoy more freedoms and a return to COVID-normal. 

Beam is committed to working closely with Transport Canberra and City Services to integrate micromobility further into the Canberran public transport system, following their recent review into micromobility services. 

From 6.00am - 9.00am and 4.00pm - 7.00pm on weekdays, all e-scooter rides will be half price, acknowledging the bigger role micromobility is playing in Canberra’s transport mix. 

Beam has also introduced its new ‘Glide’ feature in Canberra this week, to further integrate Beams into the city’s transport network and make it even more affordable for residents to travel.

Riders can now hop on and off multiple Beam vehicles without paying subsequent unlock fees – perfect for taking a short break between multiple trips (e.g. ducking into shops, running errands) or utilising e-scooters as part of multi-modal journeys. Riders just need to start a new trip within 30 minutes of ending a previous trip to use the Glide feature. 

With the change in weather and COVID restrictions allowing more Canberrans back outside, and back to their offices, Beam hopes to ease transport congestion during peak hours as Canberrans start moving again. 

Beam data showed an increase in commuter trips following Canberra’s lockdowns, with weekday trips increasing as a percentage of total trips.

To be attributed to Beam’s General Manager ANZ, Tom Cooper: 

“During Canberra’s lockdown, data showed that whilst recreational trips dropped, popular commuting routes like Northbourne and Civic still remained relatively busy, as essential workers hopped on e-scooters as a socially-distanced form of transport. 

“During the lockdown, we also noticed a pattern of Canberrans taking e-scooters further into the suburbs, and relying on them for shorter yet more frequent trips. Hence we plan on putting more e-scooters around the lake and suburban shopping centres for Canberrans to utilise.

“We also plan on increasing the number of e-scooters available along popular commuter routes, to encourage Canberrans out of their cars, and to instead adopt a more environmentally-friendly and socially-distanced commute.” 

Key movement statistics (from Beam data):

  • The average Canberra rider rides for 12 minutes
  • Over 55% of regular Beam riders in Canberra are aged under 35
  • Over 50% of regular Beam riders utilise e-scooters multiple times per week
  • Over 50% of regular riders in Canberra utilise Beams for everyday activities - commuting to work and university and running errands

Offer terms & conditions

  • The half-priced rides offer runs from 9 November to 30 November 2021
  • The offer is valid for trips started between 6.00am - 9.00am and 4.00pm - 7.00pm from Monday to Friday
  • The cost of trips during this time period will be a $0.50 unlock fee and $0.23 per minute 

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