Beam targets Western Australia expansion, with first launch into metro Perth

Beam targets Western Australia expansion, with first launch into metro Perth
  • 200 of Beam’s e-scooters will roll out in the City of Rockingham, available for hire via the Beam app
  • An integration with Google Maps will aid multimodal trip planning
  • Local businesses can now apply to be part of Beam’s free Booster program

[10 March 2021] Leading micromobility company Beam will bring shared e-mobility operations to Rockingham on Thursday 10 March, marking its third city in Western Australia after Bunbury and Esperance, and first in metro Perth. 

Beam is the largest shared micromobility operator in Western Australia, with the app-based service featuring affordable pay-as-you-go rates, an in-app safety school and Australia’s most sophisticated e-scooters. 

Beam’s industry-leading e-scooters will be available for hire across Rockingham, including at the Rockingham Visitor Centre, Rockingham Arts Centre, CBD, Safety Bay, Palm Beach Jerry and the Rockingham Aquatic Center. All locations can be viewed within the Beam app. 

The service will also be integrated with Google Maps, enabling users of Google Maps to view available Beam e-scooters and e-bikes within their map. 

The Beam offering will include:

  • Beam’s Saturn e-scooter fleet: Featuring tip-resistant kickstands, electric and mechanical brakes, a bluetooth-locked helmet and swappable batteries
  • Beam Booster for Retail Support: Beam’s Booster platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications and partner incentives to help stimulate economic activity at the local community level. Participation is free, with applications now open for local Rockingham businesses via 
  • Virtual Docking for Cleaner Streets: Fixed parking docks are created virtually, using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.
  • Climate Neutral Operations: Beam is the only operator in ANZ to be Certified Climate Neutral, and has recently announced a pledge to go Carbon Negative by 2025.
  • Google Maps integration: Google Maps will display Beam vehicle information including the vehicle location, the rider’s distance from that vehicle, the estimated time of arrival at the destination, estimated price and battery life of the vehicle.

With rider and community safety at the forefront, Beam plans to further enhance its suite of safety technology in Western Australia this year through the deployment of MARS (‘Micromobility Augmented Riding Safety’), which includes Australia-first safety innovations that protect pedestrians, enhance Councils’ control of city spaces for zoning and parking, and drives safer usage of vehicles by riders.

MARS technology will include:

  • Computer vision to detect pedestrians, and slow or stop the vehicle before a collision
  • AI driven footpath detection to enforce correct pathway usage
  • Centimeter precise position accuracy technology to provide better geofence precision
  • Sensor-based riding behaviour analysis to detect and reduce intoxicated riding, tandem riding and aggressive braking and swerving

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper said: 

“We’ve received so much great feedback on our e-scooters from Perth locals summering in WA’s south-west and enjoying e-mobility in Bunbury and Esperance, and we’re excited to bring this technology and mode of transport to metro Perth.
“We’re thrilled to be piloting the City of Rockingham’s first shared e-mobility trial, and look forward to working collaboratively with local businesses and councils to bring our safe, affordable and sustainable e-scooters to both residents and visitors.
“As micromobility becomes more commonplace in Australia, we believe its usage will only continue to increase exponentially, with more citizens engaging on the streets and leaving their cars behind. 
“We look forward to engaging in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of both riders, pedestrians and other road users. 
“As cities require more control of open spaces, e-scooters need to get smarter. Shared e-scooters in Australia have been largely reliant on GPS, and we’re excited to be introducing our MARS technology to Perth later this year, featuring a higher level of technological capability for a widespread adoption of micromobility.”

Mayor of the City of Rockingham Deb Hamblin said the City of Rockingham was committed to working proactively with the business community to attract new tourism operators.

“The City of Rockingham is proud to be a Small Business Friendly Local Government that is focused on driving tourism and economic growth, and the City has liaised extensively with Beam in order to help bring e-scooters to Rockingham” Mayor Hamblin said.
“The activation and development of the City’s coastal areas is an important part of our Tourist Destination Strategy 2019 – 2024 and the arrival of e-scooters will make it easier for tourists to visit 14 locations including the Rockingham Foreshore, Mersey Point and Penguin Island, local shopping centres and several City facilities.”

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