Beam to be part of campus life at James Cook University

Beam to be part of campus life at James Cook University

100 e-scooters to form Beam’s operations at JCU from 20 August

Leading micromobility company Beam wasselected in a competitive tender process and will commence operations atTownsville’s James Cook University this Friday, bringing a fleet of 100e-scooters onto campus.

This new fleet is in addition to the existing Beam e-scooters operatingwithin the Townsville region.  

Beam’s service will feature affordablepay-as-you-go rates and subscriptions for regular users.

The Beam offering will also include:

- Beam Safe Academy: The Beam Safe Academy is Australia's first fully fledgedsafety program that incorporates an interactive safety quiz and a launchbriefing guide for new users. Riders are encouraged to complete the in-appsafety quiz to receive 5 minutes of freeride time. Every ride willbe covered by Beam’s personal accident insurance.

- Virtual docking: Beam will utilise technology and GPS to directriders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance,incentives, and disincentives.

To be attributed to Beam GeneralManager (ANZ) Tom Cooper:

“We are excited to be partnering with James Cook University to bringe-mobility to campus life.  
“The Townsville community have embraced micromobility since the firstBeam e-scooters landed in the region, and we look forward to providing evenmore residents and visitors with a safe, affordable and fun method oftransportation. 
“E-scooters have proven to be popular amongst students in the othercities we operate in, and we are confident their introduction to the JCU campuswill add to a vibrant campus community.”

To be attributed to James CookUniversity Director, Estate, Hilary Kavanagh:

“E-scooters have proven very popular inTownsville, we believe that they will be a great way for students, staff andvisitors to get out and about to enjoy campus life at JCU.”

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