Keen Beam to support more Canberrans through micromobility

Keen Beam to support more Canberrans through micromobility

Beam welcomes the opportunity to bring micromobility to more Canberrans, following the ACT Government’s review into shared micromobility services in Canberra.

With a Canberra community of over 100,000 riders and rapidly growing, Canberrans have shown enthusiasm for micromobility as a replacement for long walks, or short car trips. 25% of our regular riders are also choosing e-scooters instead of cars and ridesharing, which shows a marked shift away from reliance on cars.

Further expansion of Beam’s operating areas will allow for the introduction of Beam’s community and business programs, Beam For All and Beam For Business in 2022, and more technology and operations-focussed jobs created locally as part of the expanded operations.  

Beam For All offers discounted pricing to users with limited incomes, including students and concession card holders, designed to make transport equitable and accessible for all.

Beam For Business will benefit businesses seeking alternate forms of transport for their workforce.

To be attributed to Beam General Manager ANZ Tom Cooper:

“We thank Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel for leading Canberrans to embrace micromobility, and welcome the ACT Government’s response to the recent e-scooter review."
“We are particularly excited about the phased expansion of the e-scooter scheme to more areas around Canberra, and look forward to working collaboratively with the ACT Government to bring access to more residents."
“Since our launch in Canberra last year, we have seen e-scooters take off in popularity and become increasingly entrenched in Canberrans’ daily life - be it commuting to and from places of work and education, running errands and visiting bars and restaurants. They have also been popular amongst interstate and intrastate tourists as a great way to explore Australia’s capital."
“As micromobility becomes more commonplace in cities, we believe its usage will only continue to increase exponentially, with more citizens engaging on the streets and leaving their cars behind."
“We acknowledge that there is always more we can do, however, in educating Canberrans on safe e-scooter riding. Beam currently employs progressive rider education and warnings to riders in response to community feedback about bad riding or parking, but plans to introduce new technology in the coming months to further support pedestrian and rider safety."
“As we look forward to expanding our footprint, we are also committed to developing collaborative partnerships with local community members and organisations, and engage in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of both riders, pedestrians and other road users.”

Key movement statistics (from Beam data):

  • The average Canberra rider rides for 12 minutes
  • Over 55% of regular Beam riders in Canberra are aged under 35
  • Over 50% of regular Beam riders utilise e-scooters multiple times per week
  • Over 50% of regular riders in Canberra utilise Beams for everyday activities - commuting to work and university and running errands

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