Shared micromobility to launch in Western Australia this summer

Shared micromobility to launch in Western Australia this summer
  • Beam’s e-scooters to roll out in Esperance, Bunbury and Rockingham, following new e-rideables legislation
  • E-scooters will be available for hire via the Beam app, available for download on Apple and Google Play stores
  • Local businesses can now apply to be part of Beam’s free Booster program

[8 December 2021] Global micromobility company Beam will bring shared e-mobility operations to Western Australia,  with operations to commence initially in three cities, following the changes to WA’s legislation governing e-rideables. 

The app-based service will feature affordable pay-as-you-go rates, and will initially be available in Esperance, Bunbury and Rockingham. Beam has previously operated in Bunbury, with operations temporarily paused due to COVID-19. 

Beam is the largest micromobility operator in Asia Pacific, with operations in Australia spanning capital cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra, and regional cities and towns including Port Douglas, Magnetic Island and Townsville. 

The Beam offering will include:

  • Beam’s Saturn e-scooter fleet: Featuring tip-resistant kickstands, electric and mechanical brakes, a bluetooth-locked helmet, and swappable batteries
  • Beam Booster for Retail Support: Beam’s Booster platform utilises a blend of GPS-technology, in-app notifications and partner incentives to help stimulate economic activity at the local community level. Participation is free, with applications now open for local Esperance, Bunbury and Rockingham businesses via 
  • Virtual Docking for Cleaner Streets: At Beam, we believe that the future of micromobility is docked rather than dockless. But a docked system does not require hardware racks fitted on the pavements. Fixed parking docks can be created virtually, using technology and GPS to direct riders to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.
  • Climate Neutral Operations for A Greener City: Beam is the only operator in ANZ to be Certified Climate Neutral, and has recently announced a pledge to go Carbon Negative by 2025. Beam has been carbon-neutral for the entirety of its Australian operations, and is committed to continuing to lead the industry in sustainability, adopting technological advances to reduce its environmental impact.

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper said: 

“We’re thrilled to be piloting Esperance and Rockingham’s first shared e-mobility trials, and to bring our much-loved e-scooters back to Bunbury for the impending summer season.
“We look forward to working collaboratively with local businesses and councils to bring our safe, affordable and sustainable e-scooters to both residents and visitors.
“As micromobility becomes more commonplace in Australia, we believe its usage will only continue to increase exponentially, with more citizens engaging on the streets and leaving their cars behind. 
“As we look forward to expanding our footprint across Western Australia with the introduction of new e-rideables legislation, we are also committed to developing collaborative partnerships with local community members and organisations, and engage in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of both riders, pedestrians and other road users.” 

City of Bunbury Mayor Jaysen Miguel said:

“We’re thrilled to have Beam’s e-scooters returning to Bunbury, and in time for summer.
“The e-scooters provided a great buzz around Bunbury for both residents and visitors when they were initially launched last year, but unfortunately the service was cut short due to COVID-19.
“The e-scooters provide a convenient, affordable, fun and environmentally friendly way for our community and visitors to move around the City and visit our amazing attractions, shops and restaurants.”

Shire of Esperance President, Cr Ian Mickel said:

“This ticks so many boxes for us in terms of sustainability, tourism and economic development. We’re really excited to see these scooters down here in Esperance in the near future.”

City of Rockingham Mayor, Cr Deb Hamblin said:

“Coastal development and activation is was a key strategic objective in the City of Rockingham's Tourist Destination Strategy.
The City is focused on facilitating and promoting the development of a more vibrant foreshore and coastal strip.
Attracting prospective businesses to establish new tourist adventure activities, such as the arrival of e-scooters, will help to facilitate this."

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