Beam at Shah Alam Car-Free Day

Beam at Shah Alam Car-Free Day

[14 July 2022] Here at Beam, we're committed to supporting city councils’ environmental efforts, such as Malaysian city Shah Alam’s goal of achieving Low Carbon City status by 2030.

Beam has been a zero-emission transport partner of Shah Alam city since April 2021, one of the most populous cities in Malaysia, giving residents the much-needed solution to the first and last mile challenge of public transport use.

Implemented on the second Sunday of each month, the objective of Shah Alam Car-Free Day is to encourage residents of Shah Alam to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce the use of private vehicles. During the event, people are encouraged to walk or use the bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, electric scooters and roller blades around the city centre.

We were thrilled to have participated in Shah Alam Car-Free Day in May 2022, promoting carbon emission reduction by encouraging the use of public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, walking, and more.

Beam in Shah Alam

  • Partnership for Low Carbon: Beam is the city council’s electric micromobility partner and part of the city’s Low Carbon City Action Plan.
  • Beam Booster: Utilises a blend of GPS-technology and partner incentives to stimulate economic activity at the local community level. Participation is free, with applications open for local businesses.
  • Virtual Docking: Fixed ‘virtual’ parking docks will be seen within the app, with riders directed to appropriate parking spots through a combination of guidance, incentives, and disincentives.

We pledge to support city councils in their journey to being more carbon efficient. Find out more about our environmental credentials at

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